Transmission Repair and Maintenance in Austin

Everybody knows how important is to keep your vehicle maintained regularly. Keeping the oil changed, rotating the tires, vehicle tune-ups, and so forth are important, but what about the transmission? Transmission repair and maintenance  is one place that most people overlook and forget to check. The transmission is a very important part of your car would services hundreds of parts that keep your car running. Transmission fluid is very important because it lubricates cools, transmits force, inhibits varnish buildup, transmits pressure and protects the engine. Regular maintenance ensures a clean transmission fluid, and a smoother running transmission.

Harsh driving conditions can devastate the life of the transmission fluid, which can then lead to transmission failure. Old and dirty transmission fluid can lead to the need for an entirely new transmission. Regular transmission maintenance services can help to prevent transmission failures and keep your transmission in Road Ready condition.

Our transmission repair and  maintenance services in Austin  include replacement of transmission fluid, replacement of transmission filter (where applicable), replace pan gasket and perform lift inspection.

To help familiarize you with the types of difficulties that may arise with the transmission, we have listed a few of the common malfunctions that can occur.

  • Loss of power upon acceleration
  • Transmission is unable to go into gear
  • Hard or late shifting of gears
  • Transmission slipping
  • Chatter or grinding noise in the transmission
  • Transmission leaking
  • Car is unable to move

Do’s & Dont’s of Transmission Maintenance

Below are a few standard tips to help you avoid future transmission damage:

  • Do scheduled maintenance according to vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Do have transmission fluid checked when having oil changed.
  • Do not drive a vehicle with low or no transmission fluid.
  • Do not change gear ranges from drive to reverse when your vehicle is moving.
  • Do not spin tires on turns with front wheel drive vehicles.
  • Do not drive your vehicle when there are transmission problems, this may cause further damage.
  • Do not drag race your vehicle as it puts unnecessary strain on your transmission.
  • Do not drive in 4×4 range on dry pavement unless vehicle is all wheel or automatic 4×4.
  • Do make sure you come to a complete stop before moving gear into another range.
  • Do not drive on spare tires or mismatched tire sizes with front wheel or all wheel drive vehicles for extended periods of time.

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