Car trouble, need helpRecently i took a call from a customer w/ a overheating concern. He said the temp. guage would climb to the top when he was in traffic but seemed OK as long as he was driving. He had replaced the thermostat 2 times but no change. It didn’t make sense to him. My first question was what type of vehicle. When he said it was a late model Ford sedan I began to suspect the radiator cooling fans. I asked him to bring it by for a quick check. The fans would not come on. I checked the fan connector and could see it had been drawing alot of current. I recommended new fan assembles and relays. He agreed and we had him back on the road in hrs.

His only question was why it didn’t overheat when he drove faster. I explained to him that I divide overheating into 2 catagories (assuming there is liquid in the system) WATER FLOW vs AIR FLOW. When he drove faster and it cooled better, it simply needed  more air across the radiator.


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