WhatDoesCheckEngineLightMean370x270 WELL, it’s a new month and it seems like our most asked questions are about the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. It may sound odd until you put 2 & 2 together and realize that it is due to state inspection. Austin is designated “clean” emissions city and as such you won’t get your vehicle inspected w/ that menacing “CHECK ENGINE LIGHT” on. Since 1996 the Feds have required all manufactures to use a 2 generation onboard diagnostic system, OBDll, which monitors many different sensors and systems. Sadly, this single light can be triggered by HUNDREDS of different reasons and usually involves lots of time to diagnose and repair. This means money and sadly if not done correctly means more money. That is why any consumer should be cautious where they go to have this type of repair done. CARTERS TRANSMISSION REPAIR AND AUTOMOTIVE HAS BEEN  REPAIRING AUTOMOBILES FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS, You could say we grew up before the car had a computer. There is no substitute for experience.

Give us a call for a free estimate on your “CHECK ENGINE LIGHT” problem.

NORTH @ 512-748-5099 OR SOUTH @ 512-748-7528.

Signing off for the weekend:  Jake’s under the Hood


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