Car-air-conditioning-systemWELL ┬áspring is almost here and the temperature is rising which means it’s AC season. If you live in Texas you can’t live w/o your car AC working properly. Almost all of the calls we receive are the same, “my AC was marginal for the summer but I haven’t needed it again until now”. Translated, it was going out last year and has finally failed. Usually it is due to a leak in the system which means a major repair is necessary but there are several reasons the AC system won’t function properly: 1) inadequate air flow over the condensor-could be dirt/debre pluging it, a relay or blown fuse, or a bad fan motor, 2) switches or sensors or 3) inside control has failed. These are usually easy repairs and therefore inexpensive. At CARTERS TRANSMISSIONS AND AIRCONDITIONING REPAIR WE OFFER FREE ESTIMATES PEFORMED BY HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONALS. WE HAVE BEEN SERVICING CENTRAL AUSTIN FOR MORE THAT 50 YEARS. PLEASE GIVE US A CALL.

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Austin Auto Repair – New Shop South Austin

Carters Automotive and Transmission Repair has been serving the great city of Austin for more then 60 years now. We are proud to announce that we have a new auto repair shop open in Austin. Our new store is located 4930 South Congress 78745. We offer complete auto repair services from transmission, engine repair, clutch repair, check engine light, radiator, brakes and much more. We can service any type of car from foreign to domestic. We are offering a whole bunch of specials and coupons for this new location. Take a look at what we have to offer

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